Sensei James Smith 5th Dan

Chief Instructor - Yeovil Karate Club

I first started karate in 1985 at the age of 13 in Yeovil at Westlands Higashi Karate Kai with a mate of mine, just to keep him company, but after a few sessions I was hooked and there was no looking back!

My first instructors at Westlands HKK in Yeovil were Steve Collier & John Morris. We trained twice a week in good hard basic line work, Ippons, Katas and Kumite.

I achieved my 4th Dan in 2006 in London under the watchful eye of Sensei Peter Spanton (now a 9th Dan) and my 5th Dan in 2013 in Bristol under Sensei Alan Flook (8th Dan) Weston Karate Union.

My favourite techniques are anything that works

My favourite Katas are Pinan Shodan & Passai

Other interests: I am currently a 1st Dan at Judo

I have been doing security work for about 18 years, the first 12 years door work where you really find out if techniques work or not.

I currently run a Karate club in Yeovil training twice a week.

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