License Application Form

Welcome to Street Shotokan Karate Club, proudly part of Somerset Applied Karate.
If you have already attended your free taster class and would like to become a member then these are the steps you need to take next; to train in martial arts a student must hold a valid license.
A license provides you with insurance and affiliates your grade (belt) to a legitimate association and governing body.
An association is a collection of clubs of which all instructors and students report to and are fed information from.
A governing body are the board that the association reports to, they are the brains behind the whole operation - the governing body monitors legalities, develops and progresses the association and its clubs whilst adhering to the integrity of traditional and modern martial art practices.
Below you will find a License application form, simply click and print the PDF file, complete and hand in to Sensei at the next class. Sensei will treat this form as confidential and all personal information will be kept safe.
The student's name, address and grade held will be sent to the association and processed for an annual license. Junior licenses (7-14 years) are £18 and senior licenses (15 years+) are £21.
You will also find a welcome back, this contains information about the club, rules, grade structure and helpful terminology, have a read at your leisure.
Once again, thank you for choosing to become a member of the Street Shotokan Karate Club.
License Application Form                                       SSKC Welcome Pack
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