Grading Syllabus

A grading is an examination performed in front of a selection of highly trained and experienced Karate practitioners. This exam consists of demonstrating the following disciplines:
Kihon Waza - Karate exercises practised solo to enhance structure and technique
Kata - choreographed sequence of moves to learn coordination and enhance memory
Kumite - controlled and instructed sparring which increases in complexity and becomes freestyle
Bunkai - the application of Karate techniques, combinations and sequences on an opponent
Padwork - the application of Karate techniques and combinations on padded mits and shields
The complexity of the examination is determined by the belt the student is attempting; the higher the grade, the harder the exam. Every syllabus includes a series of questions students will be asked at an exam, these questions increase in difficulty based on the belt they are attempting.
To help practise and study the system, students are provided with the entire syllabus for all belts from white belt (10th Kyu) to 4th degree black belt (4th Dan).
Simply click on the file below and navigate through to find the syllabus relevant to the student's belt and the belt being attempted. For example, if the student is a yellow belt attempting green belt, look for the green belt syllabus.
SSKC Grading Syllabus 2020
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