Street Shotokan Karate Club is entirely focused on 3 basic principles.


Firstly, only the ‘traditional’ Shotokan syllabus will be taught in classes. There are years of techniques, details and principles that can only be absorbed and enhanced by regular basic training. To change, modify or even eliminate the exercises would affect the prolonged benefits of training. The way it was intended is the way it will stay!

Secondly, these lessons will be taught in a teaching style that is familiar and appropriate for western students. It is imperative that the eastern material is taught in a manner that helps students to improve with an equal balance of compliments and constructive criticism. Discipline is key, but not everyone wants to be taught by a drill sergeant!

Thirdly, it is evident that Martial Arts has developed and modernised significantly in recent decades. Outside of the syllabus, ‘Applied Karate’ and ‘Street Self-Defence’ have been a hot button to those looking to learn the fundamentals of self-protection. Though I entirely agree that this is a fantastic practise, it must be practised AS WELL AS the syllabus and not INSTEAD OF.

This is the reason why Street Shotokan Karate Club has two sessions a class, the first is fundamental syllabus training for all students, the latter is advanced and applied Karate training for senior students wishing to turn their fundamental training into self-defence skills, keeping yourself and your loved-ones from harm.


Practise these 3 principles together and you get the most out of your training, and I will ensure this does not change.



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