Street Shotokan Karate Club started on 10th September 2017 in Street, Somerset by Sensei Joe Andrews. With over 20 years of Karate and 15 years of teaching experience, Sensei Andrews built the club from the ground with the guidance of Sensei Peter Consterdine 9th Dan of the British Combat Association.

SSKC promotes a safe and friendly environment where all students, old and young, new and experienced of all walks of life can come together and learn vital life skills whilst having fun and meeting new people. 

Street Shotokan Karate is not part of a franchise or money-making scheme with fast-track courses, all teachers are experienced and have trained with some of the world's leading instructors in practical martial arts and self defence. Black belts are not awarded easily in this club so if you receive this belt you know you've earned it!

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